Mamani Mamani

Known in the art world as Mamani Mamani, Roberto has dyed with multiple colors the imagery gray and ocher that was printed in the collective unconscious of the geography of the Andes. Born in Quechua region, Cochabamba, this Aymara prince has electrified the Bolivian highlands with yellow, red, purple, fuchsia, orange; so many colors to paint their magical figures that intend to ward off evil spirits as his grandmother taught him when he was just a child.

Its original figurative work is like a multicolor party in which appears one after another the Andean geography brands that invade him full of characters, plants, animals, rituals and dances taking shape all the signals of his Bolivian identity and the legacy of his indigenous ancestors whose he feels very proud of.

Roberto Mamani Mamani is the author of more than 3000 pictures in about 70 series, which most have been painted on watercolor paper with resins that he prepares by himself from various pigments; both Bolivian tradition as new techniques of color. His prolific work expressed in small, medium and large sizes, even large-scale murals, has been shown around the world, in over 50 solo and group exhibitions that always impressed by the pride of the Andean identity, the energy and optimism transmitted through its colorful magical work and because of his tireless effort to build a mythical and passionate vision about the Andes and the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Awards and Distinctions


  • Distinguished Teacher in Pictoric Art Teachers, Tomas Frias University. Potosi, Bolivia.
  • Distinction Gold Castle, for highlighting the culture, customs and values of the country. Army Military College Gualberto Villarroel Bolivia. La Paz, Bolivia.


  • Illustrious and Distinguished Person Man First Nations culture by the Municipal government of Villa Tunari, Cochabamba.


  • Cultural Merit Medal. Prefecture of the department of La Paz, Bolivia.


  • Special guest at the Conference of First Ladies of America, Santiago de Chile.


  • 1st. Prize drawing, Salon Pedro Domingo Murillo.
  • 1st. Award in Photography. World Population Day, the United Nations.
  • Special Guest for the U.S. Government to visit and exhibit their work in eight states, and lecturing on the Andean Cosmology.